Move-a-thon 2015

This year, PTA and the school have identified the need to improve the lunch area next to Room 50. This is a fairly big project that will require removing an old planter box and tree stump; pouring a concrete slab under the tables so that the area can be easily sprayed with a hose; purchasing several new tables; and purchasing and installing a shade structure over the area. Over 200 students a day eat lunch and/or snack at these tables where the ground is always littered and there is no shade. Our students deserve better!

This level of support will allow PTA to continue to fund ongoing school programs as well provide funding for improvements to the lunch area.

PTA is asking each family to pledge at least $100. If you can donate more, please consider this as a great way to make a difference not just for your student, but for every student at Cali. Donations are tax deductible.
Last year we raised over $40,000. It didn’t come from just a few big checks but from many smaller donations as well. 100% return of the pledge envelopes with some sort of donation big or small will help reach our goal and make great things happen for our Cali students.

International Walk & Roll Day

International Walk and Roll Day October 7, 2015

Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Out of respect for drivers behind you in line and for the safety of everyone, please pull up as far as possible before loading your child in the car or dropping him/her off.
  • Please wait your turn! We have noticed a number of drivers cutting in front of other cars in the pick up line to get ahead. Please be patient, your turn will come. By showing courtesy to other drivers you will avoid causing accidents or injury to our students
  • Please do not attempt to pick up or drop off students in the upper parking lot. This area IS NOT a drop-off/pick-up area. You will be asked to move your car. Repeat offenders will be reported to the Windsor Police Department.
  • If you chose to drop your students off at the curb at the foot of the stairs in front of the school, please do so in the safest manner possible. Please ensure that your students can get out of the car quickly and on their own without the driver having to get out of the car risking his/her own safety by stepping out into traffic.
  • Please use the crosswalk to cross the street! Keep in mind, when you cross in a “Keep Clear” zone or just run across the street, you are breaking the law and teaching your child extremely unsafe behavior. By walking a few more feet, you ensure your child’s safety and model what you want them to do when you are not there to protect them.
  • All Kindergartners are to be picked up at the Kinder gate. Please park on the street and walk up to the gate to gather your child.

…And finally, please respect staff members who are supervising the
drop-off and pick-up areas. Their utmost concern is that of the safety
of all children.

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