Simplify your holiday gifting to Cali teachers and staff!

The Holiday “Teacher Gift Express” is a great way to thank all of the staff and employees at Cali who make our school a great place to learn. The program will allow families to collectively provide gifts to teachers and staff this Holiday season, as well as, provide a source of income to Cali through the pre-existing Scrip Program (gift cards). Here’s how it works.

MOVE-A-THON $40,000! We did it!!!

A giant thank you to everyone who brought in their pledge packet with donations large and small so we could meet our goal.
These funds will keep PTA programs working for our 1000+ students and 50 classrooms and help purchase a PA system for the Cali gym. Cali is such an amazing, supportive community!


Health Guidelines from the WUSD Nursing Staff

Dear Parents,
In an effort to relieve the stress of entering school, which often feels like a “new world”, we offer these health guidelines.
Please keep this for future reference. Everyone’s cooperation will contribute immensely to creating a safe, healthy environment for all students.

In large groups, the spread of communicable illnesses increases in proportion to the size of the group. Now that your child has entered school, it is possible that he or she may come down with more colds and flu than you have seen before.

2014-2015 Athletic Participation Requirements


Physical and athletic paperwork deadlines for each sport:
7th and 8th Girls' Volleyball - Friday, December 4, 2014
6th Grade Girls' Basketball - Friday, January 9, 2015
6th Grade Boys' Basketball - Friday, January 9, 2015
7th/8th Track - Friday, February 19, 2015

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Windsor Unified School District requires all individuals working directly with children on a regular basis to have a clear TB test on file. 

You MUST furnish the school with a copy of your TB test BEFORE volunteering in the classroom. Tests are good for 4 years.

You can go to your family doctor to have this test administered.  We have also listed two locations you can go.

*North Bay Cooperate Health Services-576-7300  
*Sonoma County Public Health Vaccination Clinic-565-4820.

Finger printing at Cali? Who needs it? You do!

Background checks via fingerprinting are required by Windsor Unified School District to ensure the safety of the students any time they will be left alone with or supervised by a parent. There are many times during your child's years here at Cali that require a parent to have completed the fingerprinting process including:

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