Picture Day


TBD (canceled for Oct 13)
All grades

Free Dress Day only for students retaking pictures and following the school dress code.

Order online here.

Picture Day ID: BY317170Q2

If you received pictures from a previous picture day, have your child bring those when retaking his/her photo.

10th Annual Move-a-thon!

September 23, 2017, 2-5pm

We want to thank all the 200+ volunteer teachers, parents, and students, all the organizations that came to provide activities and services, the companies that gave us food donations, the volunteers that prepared and sold the food, the parents that donated pop-ups and tables, the PTA coordinators, and all of you for attending!!

NOW, it's time to raise funds!!

PTA has chosen goals that support this year’s theme of Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds.  For healthy bodies:  We need a new slide in the Kinder Yard for our youngest students. We want them to have a safe place to play and use their bodies!  We also need more bike racks!  It is exciting to see how many students ride their bikes to school and we want to support that by providing a safe place to store bikes during the school day.  For healthy minds:  Music and the performing arts are full brain exercises and we want to dedicate a portion of the move-a-thon funds specifically for music and performing arts.  The band program has grown tremendously over the past 3 years, but there is still more to be done to increase the music and performing arts opportunities for our students.  Move-a-thon money will help bring more music into the school day for all students as well as support exciting plans for before and/or after school activities ranging from dance to drumming to theater.

TOTAL RAISED as of 9/28/17: $26,650.66
PTA is asking each family to donate at least $125. If you can donate more, please consider this as a great way to make a difference not just for your student, but for every student at Cali. Donations are tax deductible and our EIN is 90-0338056.
Last year the Move-a-thon brought in over $45,000. It didn’t come from just a few big checks but from many smaller donations as well. 100% return of the pledge envelopes with some sort of donation big or small will help reach our goal and make great things happen for our Cali students.

Thank you for your support! - Your Cali PTA

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Windsor District Transportation
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MixedBag Designs - 6th Grade Fundraiser

Order Online TODAY 
Or pick up a catalog at school or
with your favorite 6th grader.


Emergency Cards

You can access your child's record and print the two forms we need (Data confirmation and Emergency Card) by going here: 

1. Go to the Parent Portal.
2. Select your language preference.
3. Sign in or create an account using the email address on file for your student.*
4. Under Student Info, select Data Confirmation.
5. Follow the prompts and print out the Data Confirmation and Emergency Card.
6. If you have more than one child in the district, select Change Student at the top right and repeat the Data Confirmation process.

*Contact the Cali office if your email address does not work to get logged on. 707-837-7747

Thank you!!

Dine & Donate - Mary's

Mary's Pizza ShackPOSTPONED
Support Cali PTA by purchasing food at Mary's  ____ (canceled for Monday, October 16th). Please take a flyer with you! Mary's is generously donating back 15%. 

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