Spring Festival DVD and Photos

Above the Fray

Thomas DodsonCome and hear Thomas Dodson as he presents “Above the Fray”

May 5th at 6:30 Brooks Elementary 


TEDx Talk: www.beabovethefray.org

Cali is excited to be partnering with Brooks Elementary and Windsor Middle School to bring all of our parents a special presentation about parenting in this technology age. What can parents do to help their children navigate safely and responsibly online? Come and get some insight into the digital lives of kids and parents’ role in supporting them! Translation will be available!

Spring Festival Tickets and Information

Please read the attached newsletter for all the details. Your child should have brought one home already.

Ticket Sales – No lines!

Admission is $6.00 per person.  Students performing in the show do not need a ticket but all others must have a ticket (parents, volunteers, and siblings*). This policy is due to fire marshal regulations that all in attendance have their own seat. All seating will be assigned and tickets will be sold in advance through the LBC Box Office in person, by telephone or online. Based on feedback, we have not set a ticket limit per family. However, please note that there are 288 students in grades 1-2 and over 250 in grades 3-4. Please do not purchase extra tickets that you may not use. The LBC can’t resell un-needed tickets. Ticket sales for both shows will begin on Monday, April 25at 12:00 PM. 

Online: May 11 Show 1st & 2nd grades
             May 18 Show 3rd & 4th grades
By phone: 707-546-3600, 12-6pm.
In person: To avoid convenience fees, purchase tickets at the box office at 50 Mark West Springs Rd off Hwy 101 at River Road between 12-6pm.

No tickets will be sold at school. Admission monies will help defray the ever-increasing costs of the hall rental and other event expenses.

*Young siblings 2 and under who will sit on a lap, will be given a free ticket at the door if you RSVP by May 6th. There is a limited supply. Please contact Liz at 837-7747 Ext. 4144 or email llockett@wusd.org. 


Come see how your Be Smart donations helped to enrich your children's education at Cali this year.

Wednesday, April 27, 6-8pm, Cali gym

  • Musical performances by our band, chorus, and 5th grade recorder students.
  • Art show
  • Technologoy class demonstrations
  • Nutrition class tastings

BE SMART! Support the Arts at Cali


BE SMART! Support the Arts at Cali was started in the Spring of 2014. Cali parents, teachers, and administrators came together to create a plan of action to broaden the scope of education for our students. While we are grateful to be part of a language immersion school where our students become bilingual and biliterate, we also want our students to have exposure to arts programs, technology education and life skills. Wheel Day activities including STEM, drama, computers, art, PE, music and nutrition are possible because of BE SMART!

With the financial support of our Cali Community the achievements listed below would not have been possible. Our campaign to cover the costs for 2016/17 is happening now. We’re asking for a donation of $50 per student.

Please return donations by Friday, April 29, 2016. Families can return just one payment (check or cash) in one envelope or go online and use the DONATE button on the Cali website. You can set up a one-time or monthly recurring donation via PayPal. Your donation is tax deductible!


2014/15 • Year One Recap
This year we purchased a comprehensive visual arts curriculum and supplies for all students in grades K-6 and also for the 7th/8th grade art elective.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
The Art in Action curriculum continues to be implemented into grades 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Kinder and grades 2-3 art education is also funded by BeSmart but is coordinated independently by grade level. artinaction.org

Bonus: Cali has a dedicated art room that is used by several grade levels.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
Supporting hands-on creativity of over 1,000 students is an ongoing challenge as most art supplies are consumable. Ideally a dedicated art teacher would be on staff but for now we will continue with ready-made art curriculum solutions.


2014/15 • Year One Recap
BeSmart donations along with a grant from the Santa Rosa Symphony, kickstarted an introductory music program for grades 3-5, including recorders and chorus. Band instruments from the pre-recession years were rescued from storage and refurbished so that we could offer band elective to our 6th graders. 7th/8th grade chorus was offered as an elective.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
Band expanded to 6-8 grades. Chorus is offered to 4-8 grades. These dedicated students come to school early for zero period to attend these elective classes. They are enjoying the benefits of learning to play an instrument or sing in a chorus and make beautiful music together.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
Our beginner students could continue in an intermediate class and continue to prepare for band at the high school level.

A string program is a possibility with more funding.

Rumor has it that a few dozen guitars are asleep in a storage facility waiting to be dusted off and restrung. If BeSmart funding grows, perhaps we could help get these instruments back into the hands of students eager to learn to play?


2014/15 • Year One Recap
The technology assistant currently taught weekly computer classes to grades 2 - 5, managed the lower computer lab so that all classes (K-8) could have access to the computers, and provided instruction and support for the 125 iPads on campus.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
Computer classes continue for grades 2-5 and are taught during “Wheel Day”.
Grades 6-8 have a computer elective in their rotations and use technology for research in other subjects.

Working together with Cali administration, Puente Education Foundation, and PTA, we were able to purchase 240 new Chromebooks, 8 carts, and a number of large screen TVs that will replace the aging projectors. 4th-8th grades will have access to the Chromebook carts. All grades will continue to have access to our computer lab. The iPads that have been in use since 2013 will be used by K-3 grades in classroom centers.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
The ever-evolving nature of technology requires ongoing funds to upgrade and acquire new components. We need to ensure that our students have the tools they need to be successful in the digital environment where interactive testing and web-based learning are now common.

BeSmart can help continue the availability of DreamBox. DreamBox is being widely used K-8 as a mathematical intervention tool which allows students to get extra support or enrichment. It helps fill in the gaps of knowledge on an individual basis.

Perhaps BeSmart could also fund teachers with a yearly technology budget so they can purchase specific education applications, small technology (Apple TV's to use with the TV's and their iPads, cords, headphones, etc.)


2014/15 • Year One Recap
Monthly gardening and nutrition education for grades K - 5 was a part of Cali's curriculum for years and was funded by a grant that is no longer available to us. BeSmart donations have helped keep this program alive, albeit on a smaller scale.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
While BeSmart is able to fund a portion of this program, most of this year’s budget comes from a grant made possible by the Puente Education Foundation. Once each month our K-5 students are given the chance to taste new fruits and vegetables, learn about the benefits of healthy food choices, and gain appreciation for natural foods.

Working together with Cali administration, Puente Education Foundation, and PTA, we were able to purchase 240 new Chromebooks, 8 carts, and a number of large screen TVs that will replace the aging projectors. 4th-8th grades will have access to the Chromebook carts. All grades will continue to have access to our computer lab. The iPads that have been in use since 2013 will be used by K-3 grades in classroom centers.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
More money for this program would open up more options for gardening, cooking and other avenues for educating our community in healthy lifestyle choices.


2014/15 • Year One Recap
Odyssey of the Mind for grades 6-8 was brought to Cali as an after-school program and funded through BeSmart. All three of our Cali teams competed in the regional competition and qualified to compete at the state level. Additional fundraising was needed to help support the trip to Los Angeles.

Maker projects including the cardboard challenge and the marble runs were part of our inaugural year.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
This year Cali has two Odyssey of the Mind teams and has expanded to grades 4-8. With a year of experience to glean from, Two Cali teams competed at the regional competition in Santa Rosa in March. One of these teams will be participating in the California State Tournament and will be travelling to Riverside to compete in early April.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
The Odyssey of the Mind program can be as big as we have volunteers to run it. The program could be open to all grade levels with the right support from adult volunteers. It is a very hands-off leadership role because the students must do all the work on their own without input, only guidance, from adults. Training is provided.


2014/15 • Year One Recap
Challenge Day was supported in part by BeSmart funds. This day of social and emotional discovery and learning for our 7th graders has been an annual event for several years.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
Challenge Day was once again staged at the beginning of the year for our 7th graders. With the help of BeSmart funds, we were able to launch a new program to reach all grade levels. Soul Shoppe has come to Cali and through assemblies, workshops and activities, we are all working together to create a culture of compassion and connection on and off campus.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
Soul Shoppe will be in the year 2 implementation phase where all grade levels (K-8) will receive the next step in their curriculum. 6-8 grade assemblies will differ from this year, building on the SE concepts they learned from the 2015-16 assemblies. It would be wonderful if PTA/BE Smart could fund as much of this program as possible.  

Due to the fact that Soul Shoppe builds in assemblies throughout the year, we will be phasing out Challenge Day. The 6-8 grade presentations/assemblies cover all that Challenge Day does, but in a more comprehensive fashion.  If we could use the monies used to fund Challenge Day toward Soul Shoppe, it would help tremendously.

The implementation of Soul Shoppe has provided the following:

  • Grade specific Social Emotional Learning curriculum for each grade K-8
  • Training for all staff
  • Training for Peacemakers (3-5)
  • Peacemakers help students work through conflicts on the playground by using the Soul Shoppe methodologies
  • 3 Peace Paths on the playground where students can go to walk through resolving conflicts together

Consider this:   
For  $200, you can pay for 4 students to have enrichment classes!
        $400 will allow for 8 students!
        $500 will cover 10 students!

All donations are gratefully accepted and every dollar helps us reach our goal. Please remember that we have families at Cali who do not have the means to donate $50 per student, so we are asking all families to contribute what they reasonably can. Thank you!

Try or DYE!

1st Annual Cali Color Obstacle Course

TRY or DYE! May 14th @ Cali

Fundraiser for Cali Athletics 

Current 5th - 8th grade students may participate. 

Sign-up forms are DUE APRIL 18th.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact 
Kristine Behrens at kbehrens@wusd.org.


Clothes Donations:
The office specifically needs K-5th grade clothes donations for BOYS, especially pants. All other uniform-approved clothes donations can be brought to Room 43. Please do not bring any clothes with tears, holes, or stains.

Volunteer Room:
We keep a list of supplies needed on the white board in Room 43. Feel free to come in and see what we need. PTA pays for room 43 supplies that we also put in the work room for teachers and staff. This means that whether you donate money or supplies, these things will directly support the school and all staff. Here is the list as of the last week of September: 8.5 x 11 colored copy paper (golden rod, yellow, salmon, bright colors), push pins, Clorox wipes, white out correction tape, glue sticks, manilla file folders, sturdy scissors.

For the Classrooms:
If you are in a giving mood, remember to ask your child’s teachers what they need! Kleenex and Clorox wipes are always needed. Gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, and Office Depot are also an option. (PTA has these gift cards and others in Room #43).


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