Dress Code and Uniform Guidelines

The Windsor Unified School District recognizes its obligation to provide an educational environment that maintains the safety and respect of all students and prepares students for behaviors which are appropriate for a successful adult life. While on the Cali Calmécac School Campus, or at any school sponsored event, students and guests shall be dressed and groomed in a manner which reflects good taste and decency and will not detract from or interfere with the educational environment, instructional program or image of the school.

Cali Calmécac Dress Guidelines
Cali Calmécac Charter School expects students to wear the designated school uniform except on designated free-dress days.

Color: Black/Khaki
Style: Fitted at the waist (pleated or non-pleated)
Fabric: Twill, Cotton, Denim

  • Only K-1 students may wear soft cotton sweats and elastic shorts/pants.

  • Pants must fit at the waist and not be more than one size too large or small. If belts are worn, they must be the correct size and not hang down from the waist.

  • “Warm-ups” or athletic pants are NOT considered uniform attire.

Color: Solid White or Forest Green (no stripes, designs or patterns)
Style: Collared, polo, or turtleneck (long sleeves are acceptable)
Fabric: Cotton or Cotton blend

  • Official CCLA T-shirts, CCLA spirit wear, CCLA Athletic team jerseys are considered part of the uniform.

  • Any shirts worn under a uniform shirt must be white or green.

Color: Black or Khaki
Style: Skirts, skorts, jumpers

Color: White, black, grey or forest green (solid colors)
Style: Sweaters, sweatshirts – cardigan, crewneck, v-neck, zipper down

Winter Jackets and Rain Coats
Color: Any color except red or blue

Accessories (such as: shoelaces, beanies, gloves, belts, scarves, ball caps, etc.)
Color/style: Any color except red or blue
All sports logos are prohibited.

No jackets, outerwear, or any other article of clothing should contain words, letters, designs, or pictures depicting gang related affiliation, drugs, alcohol, obscenities, or sports team logos. This includes anything with “North” or “South,” including the brand “South Pole,” or the numbers 13 or 14 or the words “red” or “blue”.