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Jeanne Acuna, Principal at Cali Calmecac Language AcademyJeanne Acuña, Principal

About Our School
Cali Calmecac Language Academy brings together Spanish and English speaking students to help them become bilingual and bi-literate while promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence. Programs such as intensive, small-group reading instruction, paraprofessionals, after-school programs, carefully leveled ELD classes for English learners, and cross-age tutoring provide extra support for students who are not thriving at grade-level.
Our students in grades K-8 benefit from programs that promote positive social interaction and personal development. A gardening and nutrition program has enriched students' health and our curricula with project-based learning activities. The gardens themselves help beautify our campus year-round. We constantly strive to create a school wide, college-going culture. Students are publicly rewarded for their scholastic progress and achievement both on State and school-based measures. Our graduates are strongly encouraged to continue their language education as they enter high school and are provided the opportunity at the local high school to apply for The Seal of Biliteracy, recognizing their bilingual achievements and alerting future employers to the extent of their abilities.
Parents are a vital part of our school community and are always welcome. We recognize parents as their children's first and most important teacher. Therefore, the Cali Calmecac Language Academy staff encourages active participation and frequent communication between school and home.


More Storage If you try to run under the stairwell of the two story building, you might run into new storage. What a great use of space! Thank you to Bill Goodwin and Ben Faulkner for getting the materials and building the storage unit. Thank you Sharon Ferrer and her daughters for painting it!

Improved Area for Lunch Tables Last year part of the Move-a-thon donation money was to get rid of the ugly planter box and put in cement near Room 43 and the lunch area. Before it was an area that didn't fit as many tables and it was covered with gravel that got muddy in bad weather. Over the summer the tree stump and huge planter box got removed. Then the last week of summer, an amazing crew  donated their labor cost to come in and level the area and pour the cement. Thank you for supporting PTA and this effort! The shade for this area will be coming in the future.

Watering the garden! Thank you to these families for coming over the summer to keep our plants growing! Maria Olvera, Al Vega, Desiree Rodriguez, Kellie Gillingham, Olga Ramírez, Andy Pecharich, Veronica Piñeda del Gallí, Sonia López.

Garden Work Day So many Cali families! We cleaned up the Scholar's garden, the kinder garden, and worked really hard on the Keyhole Garden next to classrooms 22 and 14. It is amazing what can happen with so many working at the same time. Keep a lookout for other work days since this is a great way to get your volunteer hours.

Backpack hooks! All those lovely hooks that hold up so many backpacks each day were put up within the last week and a half of summer. Thank you Kevin Becnel for getting the wood and getting the first holes and hooks drilled. Thank you Troppy Painting for donating the paint and with the help of parent volunteers painting the boards. Thank you to the Feibusch family, Kevin Becnel, the Chatfields (Ben, Sam, their dad Greg, and nanny Letitia), and John Lockett (Colin & Eli Henley's grandfather) for the endless hours drilling holes and screwing in the 500 hooks. The district employees worked like lightening to get them up the final days of summer. It was days of work!

Classrooms Thank you to all the teachers, their family members and friends that worked so hard above and beyond to move into certain classrooms after last minute construction needs. They worked so hard to get their rooms ready for our kids!

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