School Lunch



Windsor Food and Nutrition Department
The food and nutrition department operates a self-supporting program that provides fresh quality food and customer satisfaction in a clean, safe, and friendly environment in order to help our students prepare to learn to the best of their ability. Meals are planned to meet 1/4 RDA for breakfast and 1/3 RDA for lunch, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and to satisfy customer preferences.  

Student ID Card Use
Students are issued a barcoded student ID card to access accounts at various locations such as the cafeteria and library. Students are held responsible for having and safeguarding their id card at all times. Student pictures are used on each secondary school computer cash register.The secondary level schools have multiple serving lines that accept student ID numbers for account access through using a pin pad. All students are required to use their account when purchasing items from the food and nutrition program.

Pre-payment Accounts
Account deposits can be made online at or at any cash register during any meal service. Students pre-paying to their account receive one free lunch for every 25.00 increment pre-paid. Please help keep the lines moving fast by making deposits and putting your change on your account. Myschoolbucks online accounting allows you access to view account transactions, low balance emails, and online payments. Meal charges / negative balances are not allowed at the secondary level. Emergency lunch charge can be used at the elementary level. However, to keep lunch prices low we ask that you track meals on Myschoolbucks to prevent having to charge an emergency meal.

Free & Reduced Meal Applications
Applications from last year are valid for the first 30 operating days of the school year. Applications must be completed and approved yearly. Students should bring a lunch from home or pay regular price for a lunch in the cafeteria until notified by mail of benefit approval. One application is needed per family. Please include each student’s name, school attending, and grade on the application. The Food & Nutrition office at the high school sends eligibility information electronically to the school sites and mails notices to parents/guardians. Please submit your application with your original signature to the school cafeteria.

Please go to the myschoolbucks training center for instructions at  Support: 1-855-832-5226.  

You will need the student ID number located on the student's school schedule, meal card or negative balance email.  After signing up you will have the ability to look at account transaction reports, sign up for low balance e-mail, and prepay to student's accounts.

Stop by the school office and ask for your student's ID number. If you need assistance please call Lisa at 707-837-7780. After signing up you will have the ability to look at account transaction reports, request low balance e-mail, and prepay to student's accounts.