We are you: The parents, families and teachers of our Cali students. We encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s education and strive to help them feel welcome on our campus and informed about what is happening at school. PTA members come together to set goals, approve programs and organize fundraising activities. Members decide how Cali PTA will benefit the students by voting at PTA meetings— a majority wins! We always need more input and there are many opportunities to volunteer at Cali through the PTA. All volunteering and attendance at meetings count toward the 12 hour family volunteer requirement.

Our Parent/Teacher Association is actively involved in supporting the students and classrooms at CCLA.

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Cali PTA Accomplishments 2018-2019

Cali PTA Accomplishments 2017-2018

Cali PTA Accomplishments 2016-2017

We meet the first Friday of each month at 8:45 AM in the Multi-Purpose Room. Ocasionally there are evening meetings as well. Non-members are welcome to attend our meetings but only members can vote. Babysitting and translation are provided.

2019/20 ASSOCIATION MEETINGS - All are welcome! Members may vote.
September 6
October 4
November evening meeting
December 6
No January meeting
February 14
March evening meeting
April 3
May 1

Please join us! Membership costs $5.00 per year. Even if you can't attend regular meetings, your support and input is important.
Membership registration has begun for the 2017/2018 school year. Membership is tax deductible. Fill out the PTA membership envelope and return to your teacher or to the volunteer room (#43).

Save-the-date: Saturday, September 28, 2019, 2PM - 5PM
The Move-a-thon is the PTA’s major school-wide fundraiser that earns thousands of dollars for our school while promoting healthy lifestyle habits for families. Students raise money by collecting financial pledges, then come to the Move-a-thon with their families and participate in fun fitness activities. All Cali families are encouraged to make a donation to support programs that will benefit our students. No donation is too small! This year’s theme is "Living Up to Our Colors: Making Cali Greener".

Move-a-thon Sponsors Needed in April/May
We encourage Cali families with a business to become a sponsor (there are several different levels). This is a great opportunity for any size business to reach out to the 650+ students and their families who attend this event. If you are interested in being a sponsor, or have connections with a business that may want to sponsor, please email:

Other Ways to Donate to Cali PTA - Click to take a look!
Cali PTA - Ways to Contribute


eSCRIP? Scrip?
This easy fundraiser earns Cali PTA over $1,000 per month
Here's how eSCRIP works:
•    Register any one or all of your existing debit and credit cards, grocery loyalty cards for use in the program at
•    Participating merchants will make contributions to Cali PTA, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards
you have registered.

Scrip (gift cards): In room 43 we have gift cards that you can purchase through Cali PTA that give a percentage back to PTA. Please click here for more information about this program.

Cali PTA Board, 2019/2020 school year
*President: Alena Becnel
*Vice President: Cheryl Wallace
*Secretary: Terry Oden
*Treasurer: Amy Jayaswal
*Auditor: Sonya Matias
*Historian: Andy Pecharich
Parliamentarian: Kellie Gillingham
Membership Chair: Susie Alcantar
Membership Assistant: Hector Matias
Outreach Chair: Santos Molina
Programs Chair: -OPEN-
Fundraising Chair: Sarah Shields
Hospitality: -OPEN-
Teacher Liaison: Joel Smith
Move-a-thon Chair: Desiree Rodriguez
Volunteer Coordinator: Liz Lockett
Communications Coordinator: Damaris García
     *Elected positions


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