10th Annual Move-a-thon!

Save the date! September 23, 2017, 2-5pm


  • Spanish Language Book Fair during the Move-a-thon! Come build your home library and support the Move-a-thon at the same time. See the list of books or order online NOW!
  • Need to get fingerprinted?  You can do this at the Move-a-thon! You only need to be fingerprinted once for Windsor Unified School District and then it is good for all the years you have children in the district.  You need to be fingerprinted to chaperone field trips where you will be assigned a small group of students with no other adult (for example Fort Ross in 4th grade).  You also need to be fingerprinted to drive student athletes to away games at other schools in the area.  Cost is $50 per person and you must pay and get paperwork BEFORE the day of the Move-a-thon. See Hollie in the front office before 12pm on Friday, September 22.

PTA has chosen goals that support this year’s theme of Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds.  For healthy bodies:  We need a new slide in the Kinder Yard for our youngest students. We want them to have a safe place to play and use their bodies!  We also need more bike racks!  It is exciting to see how many students ride their bikes to school and we want to support that by providing a safe place to store bikes during the school day.  For healthy minds:  Music and the performing arts are full brain exercises and we want to dedicate a portion of the move-a-thon funds specifically for music and performing arts.  The band program has grown tremendously over the past 3 years, but there is still more to be done to increase the music and performing arts opportunities for our students.  Move-a-thon money will help bring more music into the school day for all students as well as support exciting plans for before and/or after school activities ranging from dance to drumming to theater.

PTA is asking each family to donate at least $125. If you can donate more, please consider this as a great way to make a difference not just for your student, but for every student at Cali. Donations are tax deductible and our EIN is 90-0338056.
Last year the Move-a-thon brought in over $45,000. It didn’t come from just a few big checks but from many smaller donations as well. 100% return of the pledge envelopes with some sort of donation big or small will help reach our goal and make great things happen for our Cali students.

It takes nearly 200 volunteers and organizers to run this event. We need you!
Let us know how you would like to volunteer. Sign up NOW!
Or come by room 43, the Volunteer Room, between 7:30am-4pm.

Thank you for your support! - Your Cali PTA